One Google service cancelled.. Too many to go.

I’m actually surprised I never blogged about this one.

This weekend I finally cancelled my GSuite service. I have been with GSuite since it was in it’s very first beta and they had “free for life” accounts.

In case you were unaware, Google decided it was no longer going to honor it’s legacy free-for-life accounts. I myself used it for just one email address and separating out various Google services from my personal account (docs, YT, etc).

There were a lot of headaches. At the initial announcement my biggest concern was that my YouTube account was a direct account tied to that service, and Google had every intention of making that disappear with my GSuite account if I didn’t pay.

Thankfully, they reversed that decision (but not after I spent days backing up everything from my YT channel).

Still, I wasn’t going to pay for a service that would up and disappear like that, so I started shopping around.

I ended up going with Namecheap’s Ultimate Private Email. I already used them for my domain names, so this ended up being an easy decision.

The service isn’t quite as good as Google’s, but you know what? It works, and I’m happy to be free from Google’s clutches in one very small aspect. Plus, Namecheap isn’t mining me for data in addition to taking my money.

My chief complaint? Their docs web app doesn’t copy/paste headlines as actual headlines, so I can’t directly copy/paste and get my H2s, H3s etc to come through in WP’s editor.

Otherwise, it’s working just fine.

Now, if I could only get rid of the countless other Google services I rely on and not be screwed in the process. Right now that includes analytics, gmail, YouTube, Google Search Console, Android (and all the other account-related stuff there), AdSense, and more that I’m sure I can’t recall off the top of my head.

Talk about a monopoly.