As a photographer in Quincy IL, I prefer to pursue the less traveled roads in my imagery.

While I can, and do shoot more common portraiture and business photography, my freelance work can be considered.. deviant.

I shoot non-traditional portraits, architectural & automotive, boudoir, and BDSM. Each of these I approach with a different eye; where others see blemishes, I see a unique line to be exploited in the composition. Where some might avoid film grain, or unnatural colors, I embrace them in a guerrilla style that's all my own. Where some photographers will only shoot male or female boudoir exclusively, I shoot both, and prefer to avoid the common tropes of boudoir.. Even embracing the BDSM scene, when requested.

I shoot exclusively with a mirrorless 4/3s camera with an (admittedly nice) kit lens; while the versatility of having multiple lenses and cameras can bring a lot to a session, getting too bogged down in equipment can detract from the work itself, which I have experienced multiple times.

One camera, one lens, and two eyes are all I need anymore.

The latest from my library:

Ripped From The Spine Of Us



*Travel fees not included. Contact me for more information.

This package includes a half-hour for shooting! Studio or on-location* shooting available. Full-size, print ready digital files, with full rights to reprint and no watermark provided!

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*Travel fees not included. Contact me for more information.

This package is for multi-wardrobe, 1 hour shooting sessions, including wardrobe consultation. Consultants for hair, makeup, and boudoir/BDSM shoots are available for an additional fee. Studio or on-location* shooting available, with full-size, print ready digital files that include full rights to reprint and no watermark provided.

This package also includes post-session consultation on photo selection and processing at no additional cost.

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