Pushing My Limits: Testing Various Ammo for My Ruger Precision Rimfire

Yesterday was a banner day.

I got my new Bushnell Match Pro 6-24×50 scope and mounted it a couple days before; No cheap “Sniper” brand scope for this guy anymore. I tossed it (with the Bushnell sunshade and scope caps) on the rifle with a set of Arken Halo Precision Md (1.26″) rings, and ended up with this beautiful 1mm (approximately) separation from the handguard.

How low can you go?

I packed up all my misc. gear Fri. night. Spotting scope with phone mount, rear bag rest, laser bore sight, gloves, quick cleaning/repair kit, and ear protection.

Saturday morning I packed up the ammo, rifle and magazines.

My goal was to test out ammo to see which the Ruger Precision Rimfire liked the best so I could begin woodshedding and getting my skills up to a more modern snuff, seeing as how I’m more than a little out of practice on precision shooting.

I went with a variety of rounds; SK Rifle Match, Norma TAC-22 Subsonic, Federal Automatch and Eley Target.

Those groups are noted below, and were shot at 50 yards.

The Federal AutoMatch’s iffy performance was not entirely surprising; I only added it to the trip because I saw someone else had really good performance with it for some reason a few years back.

The Norma & SK did OK; those will be good enough should I find some for cheap.

The king of this trip, however, was the Eley Target. I was extremely impressed with it; the one flyer noted was my own fault (it was a gusty day – 5-7 MPH winds base, but 15-18 MPH gusts.. And the gusts came often. That, or I pulled it :)).

I’ll definitely be picking up more of that.

Anyway, after testing ammo it was time to have some fun. I pushed out to a small steel circle at 200 yards, and a torso-sized steel plate at 300, and just had fun plinking (while also trying to get rid of some of the Federal ammo).

200 yard target
300 yard target

Did about 50/50 on the 200 yard target, and maybe 40% on the 300 yard target. At 300 yards it’s easy to miss with 22LR, even with good ammo. I was holding maybe 10 mil to the left from my zero thanks to the wind, occasionally shifting more or less depending on the gusts. I wasn’t really going to note my DOPE on this, just because the Federal ammo was so wild after it destabilized that you’re just guessing at that point.

Overall, I had a lot of fun, and time and money willing, I’ll be pushing a lot more Eley Target out at the range (and testing more ammo) with the goal of getting sub-MOA groups.