Say hello to Ghost Gamer News

Ghost Gamer News has left it’s soft-launch status after 1 week of being live, and I’m happy to finally say it is ready for you to start visiting repeatedly and buying everything through the affiliate links.

It has been a fun journey building it; there is still stuff to do, however. I’m awaiting approval from Google for AdSense advertising, not to mention indexing. The games list isn’t built yet; I’m actually not sure, at this point, whether I actually WANT to build a games list for the site. We’ll see how far the site goes before we consider going that route. If traffic gets high enough to justify what I have in mind, then yeah, we’ll do it. If not? Well, no worries there.

Like my other WordPress builds, this utilizes Blank Slate as my boilerplate (although I do need to make some heavy adjustments to it every time, so it’s about time I fork it for my own boilerplate).

I’ve forgotten what it was like to launch a completely brand-new site from scratch. I’m so used to seeing decent numbers in traffic that it is almost depressing to look at the analytics for it.

I haven’t invested anything financially into it at this point. Just time (and a lot of it). Content writing occupies a lot of time, as does overall strategy. I’ve been working on growth plans, and have options in place should I need to upgrade hosting.

I do still need to make some tweaks here and there; mostly on the performance side, but it’s not too bad for the image-heavy post listings.

I’ve got content strategies planned out for the next month, estimating about 3 or so fully original articles per week, with the rest being short form and commentary. Not too bad for one guy with a day job.

Anyway, go check out Ghost Gamer News and start interacting with it. Thanks.