I’ve been a musician for over 21 years of my life. I was classically trained in tenor and bass trombone, and have written and recorded music in a variety of styles, with a variety of instruments.

Need a studio guitarist to come up with some licks to fill out your next hit? I can play a variety of styles, including jazz, rock, metal, country, and my specialty, blues. Slide guitar is my forte.

I used to teach bass guitar to Junior High students going into jazz band; If you need bass to cover the bottom end of your singer/songwriter album, I can write my own supplementary bass line, as well as read sheet music.

If your latest country, blues or rock album needs a session musician that plays harmonica, I can come in and improvise something appropriate without being overbearing; after all, it’s your song, not mine!

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Minimum 1-hour charge. 40% due in advance of recording, non-refundable. Final 60% due before receipt of final audio files.

No need to schedule your own studio time for me to come in; I can record the requested parts at home in my own studio, and supply high quality .wav files (or, additionally, Propellerhead Reason files) through secure sharing methods.

I can also write & record supplemental instrumentation to help fill out your record!

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Minimum 1-hour charge. $50 due 24 hours in advance of recording, non-refundable. *Does not include travel fees.

If you've got your own studio, or have a studio you'd like to work with on my recordings, I am available to sit in on-location and record at your studio.

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