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Stock Tease Tuesday: Trailers, Trash, and other Teases.


Date: 10/14/2014

Welcome, friends, enemies, and frenemies, to the first #StockTeaseTuesday. At least one Tuesday every month (more when the collection grows), I’ll be sharing some of the strangest stock photos (many sexually charged) to come out of perfectly innocuous searches on iStock. So, without further ado, let’s browse today’s menagerie!

The following two photos came up on a search for trailers..



And this one came up on a search for job seekers. Can’t say that I would see this one used too often.


This under-exposed (literally, and figuratively) photo has just 6 eyeballs and no purchases. I can’t imagine why.


And, finally, a delightful take on a card game. I honestly can’t remember what search term brought this up, but I’d love to find a practical use for this picture.