Stop blaming “The Media” for everything.

Every major incident that riles up the populous (such as bad weather, violence or the current Covid-19 issue) is the media’s fault.

Right? They are the ones who are pushing out all these stories, talking about preparedness, causes, and the danger, getting everyone worked up so that they rush out to buy all the bread, milk, and toilet paper. They do it for the ratings! For the ad revenue! To keep people coming back, addicted to the sensationalist drug only they can provide!


I’ve worked in media for a long time. While I don’t anymore, I still maintain a number of friendships with reporters, photographers, artists, and technicians in the field.

Do you really think your local newsroom is sitting around a table, trying to figure out how to capitalize on tragedy?

They aren’t.

Let me share a story with you.

One day I was working a late shift in production. In that gig, I processed photos and prepared pages created by the newsroom to be printed. A reporter friend of mine ran past me, and I asked, “Where’s the fire?” jokingly.

Turns out, there was a literal fire.. On the other side of the block. A large local building was burning, and he was running out to get the info that people would want, or need to know.

That story was a big deal locally.

Covid-19 is a big deal, too.

Staff in the newsroom, at the best of times, tolerate advertising. It’s a necessary evil. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been “man in the middle” trying to get a late ad pushed into the layout after the newsroom has already planned the content for the paper.

They don’t actively try to create sensationalist stories, typically, just to get more ad revenue.

In the case of Covid-19, they are working to figure out what people need to know.

They are working to find as recent and accurate information as possible so you can be informed.

They interview locals and elected officials to learn what others are doing, what their feelings are about it, and what is being done for your community. Reaching out to experts, verifying information and sources, and putting it all together in a digestible package is what they do.

These are all valuable pieces of local news, and to attribute them to some grand conspiracy (outside of Sinclair-owned stations that push sketchy national reports on all their properties) is absurd.

“The Media” isn’t a collective. It isn’t the crazy guy with a blog who pushes out the latest conspiracy about Epstein. The media, as a collective, doesn’t decide to hide critical information from you, or share a false narrative at the behest of some secret cabal.

Stop acting like your local news source is out to get you and grow up. It’s easy to blame “the media”, but really, it’s people that are overreacting. Reading into things so far that they think zebras when they hear hoofs.