Taking time for yourself as a workaholic and spoonie

So, with the launch of Pain Propaganda, I finally have a little time to “breathe”.

Of course, taking that time is a bit of a challenge when you’re a workaholic.

I’ve got little fixes to make to the site. I’ve got to get ([RE]DIS)INTEGRATED sent off to distributors. I’ve got to get serious about my redesign of THIS site. I’ve got to get the marketing moving forward for Pain Propaganda. I’ve got to keep up a publishing schedule for all my new artwork. I’ve got to record vocals for the new single. I’ve got to finish my review of the re-master of the re-make of XIII.

Oh, and I’ve got a day job, too.

Still, it’s good to take a little bit of time to .. Well, do whatever you want that isn’t work. Call it what you like: Centering yourself. Relaxation. Jack around.

Just as long as it isn’t filled with a sense of dread at what is waiting for you to finish.

As a spoonie, this is even more important.

I love working, but dammit, my body doesn’t love it too often, let me tell you. Hell, my body doesn’t love a lot of things, but sometimes those things you do operate as part of a holistic helping hand to making you feel “better” in some ways.

Today, I decided to style my hair rather than wear a hat.

Today, I decided to wear jeans instead of joggers.

Today, I decided to wear my lace-up combat boots instead of my slip-on “running shoes”.

I came to the local coffee shop where I normally go to work while being “in public”, and am instead just writing on this blog here. Absorbing the atmosphere.

I’ll then go grab brunch, and maybe do a little shopping.

Doing these things as a spoonie help me to feel better about myself. They require a bit more effort than what an able-bodied person might experience, but I’m taking a break from being a workaholic to put my spoons towards this.

It feels good to even just have my hair styled. Simple things like putting a minor amount of effort in your appearance help me feel more like a part of society – and myself – which makes me happier.