The Next Project: Ghost Gamer News

For a while now I’ve had an idea for a gamer news site; something dedicated to stealth & sniper games. While a niche topic, I know there’s enough interest based on my Ghost Recon Breakpoint sniper video traffic alone. So, I decided to start work.

Ghost Gamer News, at least initially, will have a mix of original content and links to outside stories (think Slashdot). It’ll cover reviews, previews, editorials and guides for games that feature great stealth gameplay, or long-range combat. There will also be a game directory listing games in the above niche, along with tags, links to reviews, where to buy and more.

I’m still on the fence about whether to include fantasy settings; It would expand the availability of content that could be covered, but may also dilute what most of my core audience might be interested in. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Another aspect I’m still in the planning phase with is community; I’d like to have a good comment system in-place, as well as voting for games in the directory for a ranking system, with the hopes of eventually adding a forum (utilizing XenForo, which I do front-end dev work for on a regular basis). Still, the problem with this is it’ll require additional staff to help manage; this isn’t going to replace my day job, and I also want to be able to PLAY games and do the countless other things I do with my life.

Content wise, I plan on publishing 1-2 original articles a week, and will be publishing all of my GRBP guide videos there as well. I’ll source my outside-link stories from publishers I really respect, and will try to collect a variety of opinions when it comes to reviews. The big thing I want to do, however, is focus on the smaller, independent content producers.. Which means you, too, if you make content related to this!

I want to have a system for you to be able to submit something to be published; Whether it’s a video from your YouTube channel, or an article on your own site, I want to share what independent content creators are producing.

Ads will be served, but make no mistake; ads alone aren’t going to do much but offset hosting costs with this niche of a topic. If it grows enough, though, I would like to pay for original content to be published on the site. Until then, keep publishing on your own blogs and channels!

So, with that, I leave you with the brand mark for Ghost Gamer News. I’ll provide updates as we get closer to launch, and what I need from those who would like to contribute.