The Pros and Cons of Prednisone

As someone with chronic health problems, I’m all too familiar with a number of medications, both over the counter and not. Throughout my entire life, I can’t even begin to count the number of medications I’ve taken, from when I was a tiny little kid to now.

Prednisone is one that I’ve taken countless times throughout my life. Steroids in general have been a fixture for me; As treatment for asthma, general illness, muscle and joint issues and more, Prednisone has been a savior numerous times in both injection and pill form.

Later in life I became more familiar with how it worked and what it did.

There are a number of side-effects Prednisone has that adults who have taken it regularly are familiar with: Boosts of energy (accompanying lack of sleep), increased appetite and water retention are well-known. Immune system and bone density problems are less known, as the effects aren’t entirely obvious, but still present.

The one I finally became familiar with recently is blood pressure issues.

Historically my heart has been the healthiest part of my body (which isn’t saying much – I’ve been a sickly person all my life – but I was proud of it). My blood pressure was consistently around 110/85, even as a smoker.. Up until the last year when that changed.

Now my blood pressure is all over the place.

In just a few days I’ll be turning 38; it’s not unheard of for blood pressure problems to manifest as someone gets older, but as someone who has numerous health problems, having yet another is not something I want, so I have to be considerate of the impacts to ensure that the one part of me that has always been the healthiest not end up going the way of the rest of my body.

So, the medication I loved to take because it helped with my pain is now yet another source of contention in my life.

The other side effects typically weren’t a big deal; Sleeplessness is a part of my life given my chronic pain and hearing sensitivity, and I generally could sleep on Prednisone no problem as long as I took it in the morning/early afternoon.

Appetite was a nuisance lately, just because I’ve been working on losing weight (I lost 30lbs recently which I gained thanks to the pandemic limiting my options for getting out and doing my regular exercise), but that was manageable.

The heart issues is the big one, though.

So, now I’ve got yet another medication that I’ve got to be paranoid about when I take.