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Warm Hands, Warm Hearts: A Simple Way to Help People.


Date: 11/27/2014

Cover photo by juliaf.

A month or so ago, I was visiting a friend who lived nearby. I bundled up, as it was quite cold (below 20 degrees Fahrenheit), and biked my way there. When I arrived, I chained up my bike, and lit a cigarette.

That’s when I saw a kid, around 16 years old wearing jeans and a light jacket, with no gloves, getting ready to hop on his own bike and go somewhere.

I asked him if he had gloves. He said he didn’t.

“Do you want a pair? I always carry spares.” He replied to the affirmative, so I pulled them out of my jacket and gave them to him. He put them on, and was off.

That moment stuck with me for some time.

I carry a second pair of gloves for when it’s cold, but I need to work with my hands. The gloves I wear during winter when cycling are insanely thick and awkward, and are really only useful when I’m biking.

People don’t realize how important hands are. Most of us can’t do our jobs without them (I know I can’t). Taking care of our hands is rarely a priority; most of us, when we bundle up for winter weather, focus on our jacket, boots, etc.. But rarely our hands.

Today, I want to start a movement towards kindness.

The next time you go shopping, buy a pair of gloves. Two, if you don’t have any gloves, yourself. They don’t have to be fancy. Just something that’ll help keep your hands warm. If you’ve got kids, buy them a spare pair, too. Put them in your jacket, your purse, or messenger bag. Somewhere you’ll always have access to them..

..And the next time you or your kids see someone without a pair of gloves that looks like your size, give them to them.

It doesn’t matter if they’re rich, poor, male, female, elderly, or child. Don’t ask, just offer.

Everybody needs a pair of gloves.

If they say they have a pair at home, or in the car, say “don’t worry about it, just give the gloves to the next person you see who doesn’t have any.”

Hopefully, before Christmas, I’ll have the branding and website designed for this project. Until then, spread the word with your friends and family. Share this post on social media.

Most importantly, however, is to always carry a spare pair of gloves, because you never know how badly the next person will need warm hands.