Watercolor & Website Design: The future works of WFL

It hasn’t been that long since my last redesign, but I decided that, with my new pursuits, a website redesign was prudent.

As was¬†shown in my 605 gallery exhibit post, I’ve begun investing time in watercolor. Website designs such as this have seemingly dropped out of favor for many, instead focusing on HTML5 canvas minimal themes with animation.

While I love clever websites that utilize interesting animation (I’ve even done it myself at my day job as a web designer), I prefer to keep my sites relatively slim. That’s why I went with a watercolor website design; combining texture and my personal pen stylings with post-modern themes pleases me to a great deal. Like the last redesign, this was done utilizing X-Theme to help save development time (although, while creating this, there were many cases where I wanted to hand-code everything).

Enough with the technical stuff with the watercolor website design. Let’s talk about my motivations for the future in my art.

I’ve decided to pursue a new theme; Censorship, both self and authoritarian.

The world is full of it. The Modesty series (pieces available as of now are available here, here, and here) was the first conception to open this theme. The idea behind Modesty is that censorship creates desire; much like the thought that saying a child can’t have/do something makes them want it even more. We aren’t all that far from children, honestly, if you look at the current political landscape.

Future pieces will include traditional censorship themes, as well as oppression, sexuality, and “deviations” in personality that we try to self-censor.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss future works, or would be interested in modelling for the photography-based pieces, please let me using the form below!

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