Is Web Design Art: Black is the absence of light

Is web design art?

I’ve had a passion for web design for many, many years. I’ve had some works gain more attention than others on various feature sites, as well as one design that got some kudos from Smashing Magazine years ago.

Let me state the premise first: Web design IS art.

The web is my preferred medium. I love it. It combines two things I enjoy: Code, and graphic design.

As a medium, too, the web is ever-evolving. New techniques are not only developed by people such as myself, but also by those who define the code & standards we use to create. This makes the web an even more unique medium, in that it can continue to grow in ways that we can’t even fathom yet.

Finally, the point that nearly everybody can agree on:

Websites can be beautiful.

They communicate ideas through visuals, as well as text, entertaining the visitor as well as informing them.

With these points, I think we can all agree that the answer to the question “Is Web Design Art” is a resounding “yes”.

My current website design, as of writing this, is themed around multiple points. The debate of black being a part of the “color spectrum”, as well as the notion of how our perceptions color each other and ourselves.

If you’re interested in the creation of this website, you’re more than welcome to the view the source. You an also see the code and try out modifications over at codepen. Note that I had to do some font substitution, since I utilized Adobe Typekit for the typography.

If you’re ever wondering to yourself “is web design art?” – take a look at codepen, but also.. Keep an eye here, because at some point, I’ll have a big announcement in the world of art & the web.