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Why Should I: Buy A High-End Monitor


Date: 03/25/2015

Welcome to the second Why Should I Wednesday article, where I offer tips to graphic designers and artists of numerous mediums. This week’s topic? High-end monitors, and why you should buy one.

This one is going to be short and sweet, so put down your sandwich, pause the latest episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix, and listen up.

There are 2 primary reasons you should seek out a higher end monitor. Number one? Contrast.

Cheaper monitors utilize a fancy term called “Dynamic Contrast Ratio”, making claims that it can display a contrast of 2 million to one*. Heck, even some higher end monitors do it.. but, if you’re a graphic designer or photographer, dynamic contrast can, and WILL be the bane of your print work. Why? You’re not getting an accurate representation of an image.

Dynamic contrast adjusts the brightness levels to create the most striking image, in short. While great for casual consumption in some regards, it’s bad when you’re trying to get your latest artwork adjusted for the printers, giving you a false sense of black levels.

The second reason? Color accuracy.

Find yourself a nice monitor that boasts 99% sRGB coverage and a low Delta-E and you’ll be sitting pretty in the big leagues, able to get your print work nailed down to impressive accuracy¬†once the monitor is properly calibrated to your specs (did I mention that you should also calibrate your monitor?), which translates to less money wasted on bad prints and unsatisfied customers.

Seriously. Buy a nice monitor. There are countless available, so start reading reviews and join the cool kids club.