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Why Should I Wednesday: Why Should I Hire An Artist


Date: 04/22/2015

I apologize for the belated Why Should I Wednesday, but I’ve been busy working on some new artwork, and a performance piece that’ll be exhibited locally. Anyway, without further ado, here’s today’s Why Should I Wednesday: Why SHOULD you hire an artist?

When we, as artists, price out our work, we frequently deal with balking clients who think we should work for much cheaper, if not free.

I’m here to tell potential clients that we’re worth more than what you think.

You may have Photoshop. You may see that you can get a Wix site for cheap. You may have a nice camera. What you don’t have, however, is the knowledge and experience to utilize those tools properly.

Let’s say you need some work done on your car.. You’ve got plenty of tools. You’ve got a garage to work in. You could fix anything wrong with it, right? Not likely.¬†You might be able to get it working, but odds are, without the proper experience and mechanical knowledge, you won’t get far in the repairs.

Artists have not just the tools, but the experience and education necessary to create attractive, effective works for whatever purpose you need. Our time is valuable, just like a mechanic’s. Our tools are only a small part of the cost of doing business with us; you pay us for our mind, and our time. Without either, any creative undertaking with professional intent is lost in the flotsam of bad work.